I am 26  years old, 5’9 and 3/4 (if I wear shoes) and I am the shortest person in my family — something that has and will haunt me for the rest of my adult life. As the eldest of 3, I have a lot of difficulty accepting this hard, cruel fact of life, but I make up for my short-comings  by possessing many admirable qualities.

For example, in grade 12, I won my high school’s (very competitive) Christmas colouring contest. Not only did I win eternal glory, fame and prestige, I also won a very tangible ticket to the movies (which expired by the time I went to use it.

In a perfect world I would live in a tree house, and be paid ridiculous amounts of money to pursue my dreams. Unfortunately, I haven’t entirely decided which dreams to pursue yet… but writing might make the top of the list. I am still looking for life sponsorship opportunities, but so far no one has taken the bait. I’ve been told that if you believe in yourself, anything can happen, but I am beginning to feel a little disillusioned.

In the meantime, I content myself with going to school, and fooling people who don’t know me into thinking that I am somewhat mature. This facade does not last for long however, and I have eternally been deemed “kind of weird” by the majority of my peers. This statement is usually followed with a hasty “in a GOOD way!”

I’ll let you decide for yourself.


tent life.

tent life.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. FREYA YOU ARE AWESOME!!! LOVE THE BLOGS!! AND LOVE LOVE LOVE the antler photo!! wow!! my heaven!!! also…Keep feeding Ed Kale… veggies are good 🙂 Big hugs and smiles! you are an inspiration! amazing talent!!


  2. Agree. Freya, you are awesome. And I too LOVE the antler photo. And the ones with the birds and, of course the ones with you, your amazing feller, your pop and your little brother.


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