Meaning in Madness: Finding Community Through Ultra-marathons

In 2016, I read an article that highlighted the “dangerous, expensive, stupid, meaningless task” of marathon running. It was well-reasoned, well-argued, and made complete sense, and yet, I wasn’t so sure. Until that moment, I may have even agreed, but as I read it, the article had the opposite of the intended effect. Instead, I…Read more Meaning in Madness: Finding Community Through Ultra-marathons


The Savage Risk of Water

How do you come to terms with a sport that can both give you so much, but take it all away in a moment of indecision? Katrina Van Wijk explores her relationship with risk and reward in the sport of extreme kayaking. 23-year-old Katrina Van Wijk sits poised at the top of a rapid, her…Read more The Savage Risk of Water

The Things we do for Fresh Lines

With a weekend of sun forecasted ahead of us, Saturday morning found Ed and I frantically waxing our skis over the kitchen sink, hastily packing our bags and pulling out of the garage by noon -- hoping we didn't forget anything. In our haste, we did not think to bring a map, since... like... we…Read more The Things we do for Fresh Lines

Woods Dream Job

I recently gathered my petticoats and a little bit of courage to apply for the "Woods Canadian Dream Job." For those of you who did not see the countless advertisements and newspaper articles pertaining to this opportunity, Woods is offering two "explorers" the chance to navigate, hike, climb and paddle across the country along the…Read more Woods Dream Job

That (Sk)Aha Moment

If you are a climber, Easter weekend probably found you frolicking your little heart out in Skaha: scampering up lead climbs, hiding from the occasional hail storm under craggy overhangs and settling in for the night at a campsite along the lake. If you're like me however, you probably naively thought that you would have…Read more That (Sk)Aha Moment

Heavy Onset of Coastal Sunshine: Making the Most of it

On Sunday evening on the first of March, Edward and I drove toward Squamish in his very dirty, somewhat broken Subaru Forester (Jimmy) laden with climbing gear, firewood and the random assortment of food gathered haphazardly from our cupboards. In order to coordinate our food situation for the next 3 days of car camping and…Read more Heavy Onset of Coastal Sunshine: Making the Most of it

Don’t Ever Go Here

Winter seems to have cast a discriminating eye upon the Vancouver region again. The view of the North shore is a sad sight indeed — the snow line is almost non-existent, and Vancouverites seem to have given up hope on ever having snow. I know this because yesterday I saw a man wearing a wife-beater…Read more Don’t Ever Go Here